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Tyler Joseph Tattoos Meaning: The Sad Piece Of Art

These questions are wild nowadays that what does Tyler Joseph Tattoos mean? How many tattoos does Tyler Joseph have? And folks are very curious to get the answers of these questions these days.

Unfortunately, Twenty one Pilots haven’t disclosed the reason and meaning behind these tattoos. But somehow, we got the idea behind these tattoos. Well, these ideas can’t be actually what Tyler Joseph got behind his tattoos. But these are closely related to them.

What Type of Tattoos and How Many Tattoos Does Tyler Joseph Have?

There are different kinds of tattoos on Tyler’s body. On his chest there are Boxes having cross sign, definitely these are religious tattoos that has some deep meanings.

tyler joseph tattoos meaning

In an interview, when an interviewer asked about Tyler Joseph tattoos, he replied that there is a sad story behind his tattoos. However, Tyler denied to share his story with folks.

tyler joseph arm tattoos

He didn’t share the idea behind his arm tattoos in any of his interview. But many of his fans has claimed that there is a personal story behind these arm tattoos of Tyler Joseph.

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An Answer of Tyler Joseph Tattoos:

The Tattoos On Tyler’s Hand

Tyler Joseph Tattoos Meaning

One of Tyler Joseph tattoos are a symbol I-/was explained through someone on Reddit, saying that it was a definition for Twenty One Pilots, with the literal meaning being so. The tattoo that resembles a skull is said to mean the Clique or something to symbolize Tyler himself because of the skeleton hoodie he constantly wears while performing. He also has another tattoo that is similar to the skeleton-like one; only that one has eyes that resemble an alien. This one is said to symbolize his band mate Josh.

It appears that Tyler has a Korean tattoo that he and Josh say to each other before performing each show. They are widely popular in Korea. Besides that, this was one of the first places outside of the United States borders that they have performed.

The Tattoo On Tyler’s Knee

Tyler Joseph Tattoos Meaning on knee josh

One of the more Tyler Joshph tattoos that he has is the name of his fellow band member Josh Dun. The tattoo is located above the knee. Josh also has Tyler’s name tattooed on his body as well. The interesting thing about this one is that they both received their tattoos in a group of people live on stage Milwaukee’s Eagle’s Ballroom.

Twenty One Pilots is a duo

Right now, Twenty One Pilots is a duo, but they have not closed the door on having more band mates in the future. The band used to feature three people when Nick Thomas was the bassist for the band. However, Nick eventually left the band to become a college student, so it was down to Josh and Tyler. Ever since that time, they have not added any other band members, but that doesn’t mean that the thought hasn’t crossed their mind.

As it is now, Josh plays the drums while Tyler performs the vocals for the songs. They are wondering if this will be entertaining enough for their fans. Joseph did speak with Rolling Stone, stating the significance of their band being just he and Josh, though. He doesn’t want to lose the special connection that lies with him and Josh when it is only them playing together.

Fear The Smell Of Drugs

tyler joseph tattoo meaning drugs

Neither Tyler nor Josh do any drugs or drink alcoholic beverages. They are very proud of this fact and like to showcase this fact as often as they can. It is important to them to maintain a high moral status for their younger fans. In an interview with a news station, Tyler talks about border control checking out their bus. He feared that they would assume the smell of drugs would consume them and make them think that it was from them, when, in fact, it was from the previous owners of the bus.

Tyler’s Love Life

Jenna Black is Tyler Joseph’s new wife. She was his girlfriend for several years before they were actually married. The marriage began in 2015. The two met from Tyler’s friend. She was the sister in law of the friend and the two hit it off immediately. Eventually, they were on tour together, which really sparked their love affair. They do not have any children as of right now but could be planning on some in the future.

The lyrics from Twenty One Pilots

The lyrics from Twenty One Pilots seem to be based on a Christian mindset. At an early age, Tyler was introduced to Christian bands, which have definitely influenced the sound of his band. The lyrics appear to have a positive and uplifting message in them; therefore one could infer that the lyrics are faith based. Many of the songs state things like ‘walking with you’, ‘living for you’ and the like. However, life experiences also factor into what he sings about.

Bottom Line

Tyler Joseph tattoos is an interesting and complex individual. His tattoos show himself, but they are not easily detected as to what they are showcasing about him. He has formed a band that allows him to sing about what he truly believes and share that with his loyal fans. The tattoos might play a part in his faith, but no one really knows, as he does not openly talk about the true meaning. They are only opinions and theories on the matter. What has been presented in this article is just that, opinions on what Tyler Joseph’s tattoos mean.