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Kailyn Lowry Weight Loss & Her Disvorce

Before going to discuss Kailyn Lowry weight loss, let’s just have a brief introduction about her.

Kailyn Lowry is a beautiful actress of Hollywood with two children. She is famous for her documentary “16 & permanent”. She is also a famous writer and an author of a famous book titled as “Pride over Pity.”

Kailyn was born on March 14, 1992, in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. She is well-known for her MTV’s show “Teen Mom 2” as she was pregnant at the age of 16 with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera in the high school. Which is the reason of her fame and for this, she was much highlighted in the media.

She got married to Javi Marroquin, who is also a reality star. They met at “Teen Mom 2” show and engaged with each other. This was the perfect match. In 2010; she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy “Isaac Elliot Rivera.”

Rumors Of Divorce Before Kailyn Lowry Weight Loss:


A couple of years, there were rumors about the Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin divorced before Kailyn Lowry weight loss.

However, many of her fans proved these rumors with some of their side by side conversations and retweets on social media twitter app.

Unfortunately, later Kailyn revealed the truth that she was worried about the possibility of their divorce and was unable to overcome it.

Kailyn Lowery weight loss rumors:

Later on Instagram, she posted her pictures of her weight loss. It was an unexpected thing for her fans.

Most of the fans believed that it was more likely due to her previous surgeries including butts lifting and tummy tuck. Many of them criticized her as well by commenting that it is just a plastic surgery nothing else.

However, you can see the picture which is clearly showing her weight loss.


Kailyn Lowry- Weight loss journey:

This picture was in 2014 when she worked hard to get her weight loss goal. On Instagram, she wrote a caption of her weight loss by promoting the Colombian Waist product as:

Hey, @Colombian waist I am much thankful for the waist cincher weight loss product!! I am very much happy and excited as my waist has never looked so slim, beautiful and tiny. Moreover, she wrote that I wear 6 hours a day and exercise daily. So ladies summer is coming go and get your today!”

However, one of Instagram user commented that do not use the term waist trainer helpers helped you out as all, we know it is not true.

But with criticizers, there are always the supporters too. So many of her fans supported Kailyn by appreciated her effort for being so slim and skinny. They supported here same as they did before Kailyn Lowry weight loss.

They said so what if she had done the surgery. People are jealous and let them get jealous as not everyone can afford the surgery. She is looking healthy and perfect. She posted that I worked so hard for getting this because I wore Waist Cincher Belt for almost 6 hours a day to get the best results.

kailyn lawry weight loss

The inspiration of Kailyn weight loss-Birth of Lincoln Marshall:

Kailyn Lowry gave birth to Lincoln Marshall in 2013. He is her second child from Javi Marroquin. She got much weight after her second child. She gained almost 50lb.

What inspired her more; was her two sons. Talking to the media, she said that my 2 children deserve the best and healthy mother and I want to be their great role model.

However, we always found Kailyn Lowry being expressive and vocal about her weight struggles and efforts, as documented on “Teen Mom 2.” We cannot regret the fact that she was pregnant at the age of 16 which was not a good period of her life and this might be the reason of her weight loss as early pregnancy affected her body shape a lot.


How Kailyn Lowry Handled Criticism:

Hot and beautiful young teen mom got her fame because of her earlier pregnancy and through MTV’s show. However, Kailyn Lowry weight loss is not the reason for her fame as she was already well-known for being a teen mom.

She defended her weight loss in a better way when media asked her about what changes she did in her diet to get weight loss or what was the daily work time of her exercise? She answered in an amazing way that her weight loss had been made through the slow process because she have to work like crazy day and night almost for one year.

Similarly, she answered about her routine that she used to utilize her Fix box nearly four times in 7 days and then on Tuesday and Thursdays on a regular basis and I even used to do Muay Thai and Jui Jitsu just after the workout.

Moreover, she told that she was very much comfortable with this and faced no problem in growing Lincoln as we used to play together daily.

One of media person asked about confidence after Kailyn Lowry weight loss. She replied. Honestly, I didn’t feel the great progress as I had been doing until my friend sent me alongside the picture. Moreover, I am still not much happy and satisfy 100% where now I am at. However, I would want to drop another 20 lbs.

Kailyn Lowry Surgeries:

 She had undergone many surgeries like Brazilian butt lift, lipo and tummy tuck in her earlier age.


Here is Kailyn before and after Brazilian butt lift surgery picture. You can see clearly the difference there. However, keep in mind that bruising, swelling and lumpiness will retreat as she heals.

This is not the decent picture of her admitted by her surgeon Dr. Miami.

Before Kailyn Lowry weight loss, she underwent through tummy tuck also. However, Dr. Miami cut off two huge (definitely seemed huge to me) portions of skin and the extra fat under it and moreover, to the left and right of her belly button.

Then he only pulled her skin and stitched it up. Moreover, he also had to cut off her upper portion and then pulled her belly button. Here is the picture of her tummy tuck surgery. Read More on