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Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery: Breast Implant or Mother Nature?

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery? Fans believed so, but family denied it.

A photo posted on Snapchat and Instagram, showing a cleavage much bigger than what we used to see.

It’s very active on social, impossible not to notice the change that’s little sister Kendall has made over the past two years. However, the family continues to respond to the criticism by saying that it’s all about Mother Nature, but followers are not so convinced.


Rebuilt in just 19 years?

Last year alone, the beautiful American was the focus of attention because of her lips: fans had noticed that they were much fuller than normal.

Kylie Jenner Before And After though he had tried to stamp out the rumors saying that it was only good make-up and a good technique of “overlining” who had learned how to make from her make-up artist.

Needless to say that the public does not accept it, and in the ninth episode of the tenth season of KUWTK (Keeping up with the Kardashians), the television program launched by E! years ago, he decided it was time to talk to the media.

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery: Before And After



Since then the hypothesis that small Ky both resorted to other surgeries made her way through the audience, but nothing was ever admitted by the small star.
Only recently, always concerning her #seno and rumors of an alleged rhinoplasty, Jenner had made a video of Snapchat in which he showed the tape openly at the breast: this to demonstrate to the public that to make it look firmer and high enough to bring it up with scotch tape.

Then no lack of pictures in which the Jenner showed a sit much “Kardashian”. Both Kylie Kendall, daughters of Kris and Caythlin (formerly Bruce) Jenner, were characterized by their slimmer and slender figure than the Kardashian sisters.

Perhaps another insecurity for Ky? In fact, there are rumors that the nineteen year will inspire much the style of the older half-sister Kim. And then could not miss a new intervention to enlarge the hips and lower back. Even this, however, has never been admitted.

New Photos On Instagram and Snapchat Make You Doubt – Kylie Jenner Body

The photos posted on her profile Instagram and Snapchat last hours portray Kylie with a more eye-catching than normal breast. A breast that has no need, as seen in the pictures, the bra worked alongside him to stand on. And the form so perfectly rounded and soda does suggest the intervention of the surgeon.

The fans’ comments were immediate, among those who asked that she had remade the breasts and who said that instead it was safe. Many were the comments of followers on Twitter, to which the younger sister of Kim Kardashian West responded with a curt “Do u want to feel them to validate” ( “do you want to try to touch them to see if they are real?”).

The small Ky then entrusted to “that time of the month”, scapegoat par excellence, the merit of so much prosperity.

But there who protects her and says that the forms have developed because of the growth, while others believe that after so great perfection Mother Nature has to do very little. Who knows if in the next seasons of the famous program Keeping up with the Kardashian does not leak a few juicy details that makes us a better understanding of which orient road. #kyliejenner #chirurgia

Thus has transformed the image of Kylie Jenner: Boob Job (thanks to surgeries)



In spite of being very young (it is only 18) the smaller one of the Kardashian already has a long history in the operating room.

Simon Ourian is the famous plastic surgeon of the Kardashian family, through the reality show that star in it can be seen that Simon is one of his favorite doctors. Through the In Touch site, the surgeon exposed Kylie Jenner.

According to the published, the minor of the clan has undergone surgeries with which it has managed to change its lips, hips, breasts, eyes and chin. When Kylie made her first appearances on the show, she was considered the “ugly duckling” because her sharp features had nothing to do with those of her sisters. Also read about  kylie jenner before and after

Lip augmentation

This part of the face of the model is one of the most obvious. Its increase over time is more than evident.

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery: Things Got Bigger

Several media speculate about Kylie’s ‘obsession’ to resemble Kim, which is why the boobs and buttocks have been enlarged.


Goodbye to the Bichat Bags

It is clear that Kylie’s face is one of the parts that has undergone the most changes and shows how sharp her face looks compared to the beginning of her career.