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Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Rumor: Before and After Pictures

Lately, we heard alot about Christina El Moussa plastic surgery. But who is this superstar anyway?

christina el moussa plastic surgery before and after picture

A Brief Biography

Christina El Moussa is an up and coming reality television superstar. She is a real-estate investor and television personality who is known for her successful real-estate investment strategy which is known as “house flipping”. Christina hosts the show “Flip or Flop”, which proved most lucrative in her career and broadcasts on HGTV. She has a net worth of US $4 million, and is praised by fans for her intelligence and beauty.

Is Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Even Real?

christina el moussa plastic surgery before and after picture

Perhaps this is exactly what is it – just rumors! Although before and after pictures are often placed next to each other to suggest that Christina has had work done on her face, it seems unlikely that this is the truth and the difference in her appearance is simply due to natural ageing.

Christina Undergone Facelift Surgery?

Many suggested that El Moussa had undergone facelift surgery, like Carrie Fisher, in order to reduce the burgeoning appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that start to appear naturally in one’s 30s.

However, this is really unlikely as these kinds of ageing factors only start to appear during the 30s, so it is more likely that Christina just looks after herself and hasn’t began to show these signs yet.

Others suggest that she has had botox injections, which is much more probable as her skin does appear extremely smooth, tight and line-free.

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Evidence?

christina el moussa plastic surgery before and after picture

I think that these speculations about El Moussa undergoing plastic surgery are based on assumption and the need to gossip rather than on physical and apparent evidence.

El Moussa is natural beautiful. She is slim, tanned, blonde and her facial features sit naturally and she appears youthful and happy in most photographs.

In my opinion, it is just in order to create spectacle that people are suggesting she has had plastic surgery.

Perhaps she has had botox injections to retain the appearance of her perfectly smooth skin.

However even this seems unlikely and more like an assumption by scrutinizing critics rather than a reality.

My Thought About It

christina el moussa plastic surgery before and after picture

There is often the need for those who work in today media to point out flaws in people that are seemingly flawless. Often this results in magazine and tabloid gossip that isn’t real, but simply there to generate conversation and rumor.

Christina El Moussa is a beautiful, successful and intelligent woman who is making her way in a world which is usually reserved for men – the world of property and real estate.

Therefore I think that it seems like there must be something wrong with her, and so people have started to criticize her appearance and suggest that she can’t be that beautiful naturally.

However, the lack of evidence in these claims says more about a gossip-mongering and spiteful society than it does about her and her appearance.

Final Words

It is unlikely that Christina El Moussa has had plastic surgery, and unwilling to accept that a woman can look this way at over 30 without having work done is a symptom of our appearance obsessed and media crazed society attempting to find fault within a successful woman.

christina el moussa with boyfriend gary aderson and kidsChristina El Moussa with boyfriend Gary Anderson and kids.