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The Sad Story Behind Tina Fey Scars: Before After Photos

Have you ever heard of Tina Fey Scars or even realized it’s there?

But At First, Who Is Tina Fey?

The American actress, comedian, writer and producer whom full name is Elizabeth Stamitina Fey. People describe Tina as spontaneous, intelligent and fun.

She became famous in the United States for being one of the fixed actresses of the cast of the program Saturday Night Live. She currently co-produces, writes and acts in “30 Rock”, partially based on her experiences of the time in which she worked on the aforementioned issue.

It is not a great beauty but her charisma makes her an irresistible woman for many men. Especially for her husband, the musician Jeff Richmond, who appreciates all her features, including the scar on her face.

The Sad Story Behind Tina Fey Scars

If you look closely, you can see that in the face of Fey is a brand that goes from the bottom of her left cheekbone to almost half of the lip, near the mouth.


For many years, the origin of this Tina Fey Scars was a secret. When asked about it, she refused to talk about it. In an interview for the New York Times stated: “It is a childhood injury. A not very nice story. My parents would be sad if I started talking about it. ”

What Happened Was Really Crazy !

It all happened when Tina was 5 years old. She was playing in front of her house in Pennsylvania. A stranger approached her and attacked her, cutting off her face. At that moment, she did not understand what had happened, she thought that person had passed a pen to her face.

Some time ago, at Vanity Fair, she explained that she has not always been aware of the injury; “In fact, I only remember it when I see myself in some photograph”.

Tina added that she does not pay much attention to the injury and does not like to comment on it “because it is impossible to talk about it without somehow seeming to be exploiting or glorifying it.”

To avoid further comments, the comedian masks the scar when she acts or has a public appearance.

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