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Bella Hadid Nose Job: Before And After Plastic Surgery

Bella Hadid Nose Job seems not to have known the temptation of surgery: in photographs of a few years ago it looks completely different. Why this choice? Here is her transformation.

Beautiful in name and in face: it is Bella Hadid , the sister of the most famous supermodels Gigi that always appears at the top also showing off sober look inconspicuous. But the little house Hadid has not always been so … beautiful. A few years ago in fact, her appearance was different to say the least, and it seems that despite her young age has already used more than once to plastic surgery.

There seems to be no official confirmation by Isabella, known more widely as Bella, but the pictures speak for themselves. If we compare the impeccable shots on the red carpet, and photos of a few years ago the differences are many, from the nose which has undergone a real makeover . First it was long and with a slight hump on the back, it is now perfectly proportioned and fine tip. Also abysmal difference with their lips: if you first were thin and poorly defined, especially the upper one, are now fleshy and precise; about some pinprick here and there that has corrected volumes.

Bella Hadid Nose Job British magazine fact

But not only the lips and nose to be changed: according to several British magazine fact, it seems that Bella has given a sprucing up the face to the sound of fillers and botulinum toxin, enough to completely transform his face thanks to Mohamed dads credit card. If we compare the photos in fact, it seems that the face is finer and slender, while the cheekbones are more in evidence. To say nothing of the eyes, which seem to have acquired a new light thanks, probably, to a “slap” on the eyebrow arch that made the most visible eyelid.

Bella Hadid Nose Job Before and After Photos



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Last words about Bella Hadid Nose Job gone wrong

why this choice, but the answer is not hard to find: having an older sister like Gigi fact, it is normal that arise comparisons and comparisons. It seems that security in itself was not the strong point of Bella: the young started by the change of hair color becoming brown to get away from the look too much like her sister, but the new hair color does not seem to have improved its security, which seems to have rather done the surgery. Look at the gallery to see the change of Bella Hadid!