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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Big Ang Before Plastic Surgery: Failed?

Before getting into the discussion about Big Ang before Plastic Surgery, let’s just have a brief introduction about her.

Big Ang is the Fame Name of Angela Joyce Raiola, who was a reality Tv personality and a writer. She was born on 30th of June 1960 in New York.

She remained in the news due to her mafia background. Her uncle was the member/leader of disreputable Genovese crime group. She starred in many popular shows like mob wives and Big Ang.

Ang got married to Neil Murphy and was a single parent to two children. She was diagnosed with throat, lungs and brain cancer and died on February 18, 2016, fighting with it.

Big Ang Before Plastic Surgery: Better or Not


Big Ang was a star who has as her name present, a large presentation. She has a height of 5.10,” but this is not something that makes this star outstanding from other Hollywood celebrity.

Big Ang before plastic surgery had that big appearance that catches everyone’s eyes instantly. This Mob Wives star undergone was obsessed with cosmetic surgeries. She has undergone many surgeries to transform her looks, but these surgeries instead of making her pretty make her features infamous.

Moreover, those plastic surgeries brought to her much more negative attention than she ever intended.

The Mob Wives star was always very much open about her surgeries. She has confessed about the procedures she has gone through on many platforms. She openly talked about the details about the whole procedures and how many times she went under the knife.


Plastic Surgery Procedures of Big Ang: Big Ang before Plastic Surgery

 She had an obsession with plastic surgery and also confessed that she was looking after to have more of them. Let’s have a look at Big Ang before plastic Surgery and afterward pictures to have an informed decision.

Big Ang’s Tummy Tuck Surgery:

After pregnancy, Big Ang did want to remove all the evidence of that period. She was gone for surgery to have her tummy tucked, to remove all the clues of her pregnancy.


After surgery she got her voluptuous looking midsection back.

Big Ang Rhinoplastic Surgery:

Angela also had her nose job done. Her plastic surgeon, emphasized the bridge of her nose. Although before plastic surgery and after that she had the same size of the nose, however, it became more chiseled.


Lip Augmentation and Big Ang:

The most unfortunate thing that she has done with herself is the lip augmentation. She has collagen fillers on her lips to make her lips more kissable, but this turned into overwhelming instead of being sexy.

Some people think Big Ang before plastic surgery had more beautiful lips as compared to after surgery.


 Breast implants:

The most shocking revelation that she had done was that she underwent a breast augmentation surgery. However, in her earlier interviews, she told that at the age of 14 she had a breast size of 36.

At the age of 27, she had her first breast implants. The procedure comprises of sponges emplacements although she was well aware of the fact that it was too dangerous. Later on, she replaced those sponges with the silicone implants.

Big Ang and Liposuction:

The star not only stopped there she gone for liposuction around her thighs and hips. She believed that these surgeries made her look more attractive and sexy. She was also planning to go for surgery to have her eyelid raise.

Whether you like her plastic surgery or not, but she was a woman who took pride in everything she had done with her looks.

Personal Life:

As she belongs to the family, who had a notorious background and having her uncle as the leader or boss, she dated many gang members in her early life.

In 2009 she married to Neil Murphy, and they both got tied to the knot even to her last breath. She had two children, a son named Anthony and a daughter Raquel Donofrio. Big-Ang-before-plastic-surgery-8

During her final moments, she separated from her estranged husband, Neil. Which reveals that she was not only having a tough time in her life fighting with cancer, but also her married life been giving her a tough time.


Big Ang Arrest:

 Big Ang before plastic surgery procedures also goes through tough time her life. As she dated many gangsters in her life, 2001 was the most difficult year in her life.

In that particular year, she got arrested and convicted for her role in Narcotics operations, which involved the supply of cocaine to Brooklyn and Manhattan. She was charged for supplying individual cocaine also at the time of her arrest, she had with her 14 packets of cocaine.

After spending two years in jail, she got free on $ 100,000 bond. After that, she was sentenced to 3-year probation and was on house arrest for four months. Later on her son AJ was also caught with the same accusations, but he confessed to having those drugs for him. He then sent to Rehab.

Big Ang and Mob Wives:

Due to her Arrest in 2001, she got her role in the famous reality show Mob Wives in its second season. She got the attention of everyone with her witty and motherly nature. She lived a very lavish life with the drug mafia before surgery.

However, she had hit the limelight when VH1 came to an exciting idea to form a reality show based on the lives of the families of those who had link-ups or have a criminal background. This show transforms the life of Big Ang.

Big Ang Battle with cancer:

After fighting with throat and lung cancer for years, she finally ended her battle peacefully.  She initially told that she totally cured of cancer, but later the doctor diagnosed her with stage 4. She died in 2016, 18 February at 3:00 am.

Big ang before plastic surgery and after this had enough property and at the time of death leaving a property net worth of $15 million to her family. Read more about other celebrity plastic surgery.