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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Did You Hear About Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery?

Has Melissa Rivers Had Plastic Surgery?

When we think about Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery, it really ponder us that habit of having plastic surgery transmits from blood gene’s or it is something else. It is because her mother, Joan Rivers is well-known as addicted to plastic surgery. Probably, she had wasted her life in having different cosmetic surgery procedures to achieve more captivating appearance.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Rumor:

melissa rivers plastic surgery

As usual different celebrities got hit by plastic surgery rumor. But for Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery we can not say that it is just a rumor. Her plastic surgery news in fact is not a rumor, it is authentic. According to different reports, we heard that she had undergone different cosmetic surgical processes like Nose Job, Botox, Lip injections, Face-lift and Face fillers, Boob Job and Eyebrow Lifting.

Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery View:

Has Melissa Rivers Had Nose Job?

melissa rivers nose job rhinoplasty

After having a look over Melissa’s Plastic Surgery speculations, the most apparent is her Nose Job Plastic Surgery. In her old pictures, she had round and wide nose having fatty tip. While, in recent pics she had almost different look of her nose. She has now more slim and more delineated nose. But, still roundness of her nose could not overcome.

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Did Melissa Rivers Get Botox?

Besides other plastic surgical procedures in which she underwent. It was pointed out that she is addicted of having Botox regularly. And from many years she has being undergoing Botox. Rumor started when she had been of 40. When she was appeared with a face of a teenager. Definitely, when you take over and over dozes of Botox, you would face different side-effects of it. And this is why, it is seen that she can’t smile freely. Although, she has youthful appearance but it is unnatural and artificial.

mellisa rivers botox injection

Melissa Rivers Lip Filler Surgery Before and After:

While having a smile your lips plays a perfect role. But what about Melissa’s smile, as you know that she cannot even smile perfectly due to side-effects of Botox. Surely, you already have seen different Melissa’s before and after photos. To over come that Botox problem, Melissa seemed to be going for lip fillers to get fuller and filler, thick lips; those are already in trend.

melissa rivers lip injections

When you notice before and after photos of Melissa Rivers plastic surgery, you come across with a disastrous variation in her lip structure. Some part of her lip is thicker and the other one is thinner. That appeared to be awful plastic surgery.

Melissa Rivers Eyebrow Lift Surgery:


It’s time to have a look on Melissa Rivers eyebrow lift surgery before and after photos. While, having a look on it you can easily notice a clear-cut modification in her eyebrows. We noticed her eyebrows lifted higher than before. This plastic surgery modification could be a positive change in her appearance. And we can mention it as successful Eyebrow lifting.

melissa rivers brow lift surrgery

Melissa Rivers Cheek Augmentation:

Melissa Rivers cheek implant rumor has been started for 2 or 3 years. In previous photos, she got fatty cheek and had little fat on her cheek. Looks like that there was a small ball on the tip of her cheek. It seems that Melissa had undergone cheek augmentation surgery that changed her baby face into mature. Well, this cheek augmentation effected on her lips and nose structure that’s why she had to endure nose job and Botox once again.

melissa rivers cheek implant

Does Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Includes Facelift:

It is a natural process that after 40 your face starts getting wrinkles. And facelift surgery is the best solution for aged women to overcome their wrinkles problem. After observing Melissa Rivers before and after photos we have concluded that she had also undergone facelift surgery. And many times she admitted her surgeries.

melissa rivers facelift

Melissa Rivers Breast Augmentation:

Like Selena Gomez Melissa also had low size breast and recent photos of her shows that she also got breast implant surgery to enhance her breast size.

melissar rivers breast implant

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos:

melissa rivers plastic surgery before and after photos
melissa rivers plastic surgery before plastic surgery
melissa younger
melissa rivers facelift
melissa rivers wrong plastic surgery
mellisa rivers botox injection melissa river facelift gone wrong