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Blake Lively Nose Job Plastic Surgery – Before and After Effects

Like many other plastic surgery rumors we also heard about Blake Lively Nose Job. But after having a look on before and after surgery photos, this becomes tough to analyze whats the truth behind it. Now a days, this is vogue to go under knives in order to get flawless appearance. Celebrities have craze to go for plastic surgeries without any fear. Most of the female celebrities prefer to have facelifts, nose job, boob job, butt implants, lip injections and brow lifting.

The problem is that, everybody is not born with a perfect face structure and skin color. All have different and identical face structure that makes them differ with each other. Unfortunately, most of the female celebrities have a craze to be beautiful( so-called beauty) by undergoing surgeries.

Has Blake Lively Had a Nose Job Plastic Surgery?

If you try to take deep look on Blake Lively’s nose you would notice a variation in her nose bone. Some of her old photos got fatty and round nose. Difference in the distance between eyebrows also justifies Blake Lively nose job.


Blake lively’s nose after rhinoplasty looks much sharper and better than before. You can see now that a nose can change your entire face structure.

Why Did Blake Lively Get a Nose Job?

After over-viewing Blake Lively’s before and after images, we found that before rhinoplasty her nose was chubby and round. That was much similar to Mongolian Type of nose shape. Just zoom in the picture and see that her nostrils had a wide and chunky look. However, it was an unwanted appearance that Blake got. This could be a reason behind her nose job.

Blake Lively Before Nose Job And Other Plastic Surgery Procedures:

As I already told you that she had a fatty nose with rounded tip. That wasn’t look good when she smiled. She was adorable before her nose job but she get a better look after her plastic surgery.

Blake Lively in 2006 Before Rhinoplasty:


This photo was captured in 2006. This is the event before her nose enhancement surgery. Blonde hairs with cute smile having sharp teeth, one undesired thing and that is her rounded nose.

Has Blake Lively Undergone More Than One Nose Job?

This is an another burning question in minds of most of the viewers that how many times Blake went for plastic surgery? The truth is that what before and after photos says. We saw her albums from 2003 to 2016, through which we noticed a gradual change in her entire nose structure. Stop here! and scroll up to the first photo, you would notice there a wide difference. On one side she had a quite smart and slim nose and on the other side she had beak nose.

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Blake Lively Before Breast Implants(Boob Jobs) 2007:


A rare photo of Blake’s face and chest at CW Gossip Girl Launch party, 2007. Rumors were heard that Blake also underwent some breast augmentation surgeries. Mostly, female celebrities undergo boob jobs to enhance or to reduce their breast structure.

After Effects of Blake Lively Nose Job And Brow Lift in 2008:


It is 2008 now. Many changes are noticed on her face. When I have a first gaze on this photo I only got her Beak Nose. Suddenly, I felt a wide gap between her eyes and brows that wasn’t noticed before. Many times I had to confirmed that is she Blake or someone else.

Can This Photo Justifies Her Face Lift and Breast Augmentation?


Blake’s photos of the year 2010 can best justifies her breast enhancement surgeries and facelifts. Her face is now quite slim and it seems that she had also gone for forehead surgery. But that’s not really true.

Blake Lively’s Latest Photos After Plastic Surgery:


This is 2016 now. She is now healthy and wealthy. This is the recent and latest photo after her plastic surgery procedures including nose job, boob job, brow lift, and butt implant.

What’s the Truth Behind Blake Lively Butt Job?

Many speculations were heard by folks and fans of her about her Booty implant. Some photos were also moving on internet but those can’t be share here. But you can figure out that by this.


Before and After Photos of Blake Lively Plastic Surgery: