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Has Gigi Hadid Nose Job Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Gigi Hadid has also been the center of Nose job plastic surgery rumors. Rumors were heard about several plastic surgery procedures that she undergone like facelifts, breast augmentation, lip fillers. But rhinoplasty surgery has been a subject of Gigi Hadid plastic surgery. Gigi Hadid nose job news was considered as a rumor. But after having a look on her before and after photos of rhinoplasty surgery, it is now an authentic news. Although she didn’t even discuss about her nose job plastic surgery rumor in any of her interviews. But people still have a question that Has Gigi Hadid had Nose job or not?

Jelena Noura popularly known as Gigi Hadid is a daughter of Mohammad Hadid and Yolanda. And sister of a well-known american model Bella Hadid. She was born on April 23, 1995. She also a former volleyball player at Malibu High School. She started her modeling career like her sister in the age of 2. Gigi Hadid was not only a sport women or a model but also appeared in various music videos. Gigi is now a successful Television personality and a well-known Fashion Model. And she is satisfied with her career.

Gigi Hadid Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos:


Rhinoplasty surgery is the most popular among the female celebrities. Even it get interest by Indian celebrities. Actually, most of the actresses want to get their nose sharper and thinner that looks fabulous according to their facial structure. As we already said that Gigi Hadid nose job was just a rumor. But we tried to make it sure that whether she undergone rhinoplasty surgery or not. Here we have shared her before and after nose job photo. It doesn’t seem that she underwent rhinoplasty according to this photo. But here is another surprising thing that it looks like that she got some face fillers.

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gigi hadid before and after photo

Was Gigi Hadid Nose Gone Wrong?

Wait!! Before asking this question you wanna have to look a following image.


Don’t you think there is a change in her entire nose shape. Just scroll up and have a look on her before photo. She had a round shaped and a chunky nose. And now a slim and a narrow shaped nose. Don’t you think that it is due to her nose job. But wait! whats wrong in her nose job. It doesn’t seem that there is a disaster in her nose job. But when ever someone got wrong rhinoplasty they immediately uses Botox and face fillers. It is just because they want to hide their wrong rhinoplasty.

Last Words:

This is what we have heard and read about Gigi Hadid nose job plastic surgery. And we have tried to make it clear by using Gigi Hadid’s before and after photos. We also know that there is another rumor about Gigi Hadid Boob job but we want to get some more her before and after images so we can write a better article on her breast implant surgery. Don’t forget to add your comments and stay tuned for Gigi Hadid Boob job before and after pictures.