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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Before discussing the Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery, let’s just have a glimpse at her early life.

Hollywood is mesmerizing beauty Vivica Anjanetta Fox, who has been famous for her wonderful acting in “Independence Day” and “Soul Food,” has now again in the news this time not for acting talents but for the youthfulness she has with her right now.

Although it is a well-known fact that most of the actors in Hollywood has gone for some plastic surgery procedure or others in their careers. Plastic surgery has to become a kind of obsession with the celebrities in the limelight.

Moreover, it is becoming mandatory to look ageless and beautiful by going under the knife and even at the cost of risking your life. To find a person who did not opt for this risky procedure is like finding a drop of water in a vast desert.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery is the latest media gossip in 2016. Even though Vivica Fox tries her level best not to reveal her plastic surgery secret but all in vain as the outcomes are self-evident from a mile.Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Early Life:

Vivica Fox, aged 50, was born in South Bend Indiana on July 30, 1964, is mainly of African American and Native American origin. She is the daughter of Evelyn and William Fox. Her mother was a pharmaceutical technician while her father was a private school administrator.

Vivica has a graduation degree from Arlington High School and then goes for attending Golden West College in California and from here her acting career took off slowly. Vivica Fox married Singer Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest in December 1998.

But the marriage did not work out for both of them, so the couple got divorced in 2002. After this short lived relation Fox got into the news in 2003 with rapper 50 Cent whose real name is Curtis Jackson.

After that Fox got engaged with Club Promoter Omer “Slimm” White but this relation also meet a tragic end in November 2010, just after ten months.

In 2015, she revealed her relationship with Candy shop Hitmaker. She claimed him to be “the love of her life” on The Meredith Vieira Show.

Vivica Fox self-claimed “tune-ups”:

While working in an industry like Hollywood, if you are not beautiful enough then you have no scope for you here. From many decades the actors are obsessed with their looks, their features, their skin tones, etc. but the actresses like Vivica Fox has with her a weapon even stronger than a fair skin that is her acting skills.

However, now even this most gifted actor is caught by the plastic surgery attraction. Even though she did not accept it before but now she has called her transformation a little “Tune Ups.” And thus admitted the fact that she has gone through under the knife the fact that the media, fans and other people are gossiping about loudly earlier.

The Plastic surgery targets spots choose by Vivica Fox are the breasts, nose, and face.

Nose Job: Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Befor and after Images

A perfect chiseled nose with a well-defined bridge is something perfection is all about. The before and after pictures of Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery revealed that she has finally gone for a slight nose job.

Ahe used to have a big nose but now if we see the pictures minutely the nose has become smaller. As like most of the African origin people, she uses to have a big nose but what we see after Plastic Surgery is the transformation of her big nose with a beautiful small one.

However, different people are reacting to this change in a variety of ways. Some are considering it an act of “Go with the Flow, ” but others are criticizing Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery as a disaster to her natural beauty.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery


Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Fuller Upper Lips:

The rumors about having collagen filled upper lip injection are also surrounding the plastic surgery news, and Vivica Fox fuller lips are not only increasing the sensuality of the 50-year actress but also confirming the rumors.

As everybody loves their lips to be fuller. Even though the history is filled with many stories of actors who gone beyond limits to have their lips according to their demands which always ends up in a tragic way.

However, Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery did not result in any such disaster regarding fuller lips.


Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery ruined breasts implants:

The most obvious and worst aspect of Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery includes her squashed or somewhat botched breasts implants. Her chest has been looking bumpy and rippled like if there is an abuse of implant has done.

Experts are of the view that she must have a new surgeon for that job. We can imagine that how much afraid she must be to show her breast as there are hollow spaces in her implants. But the good thing is she has admitted that she is regretting the decision and we want to advise her to consult some specialist for the fixture.

Even though she already has a curvy body structure thanks to her African background still she opts for the breast augmentation, can be concluded as the disastrous decision.


 Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Dermal Fillers / Botox Injections:

It is a known fact that out of 10, eight women in the Hollywood go for Botox treatment. Botox is considered to be the gateway into the cosmetic surgical procedure.

Moreover, also the best way to remove the signs of aging by giving your skin a more rejuvenated and fuller effect. With so many other obvious signs of plastic surgery procedures the wrinkle-free forehead and removed laughing line marks from the face of Vivica Fox pointing towards the use of either Botox or other Dermal Fillers like Juvederm or Restylane.

Even though the dermatologist is now giving the warning about misuse of implants and also the disadvantages of silicon and by having an example like Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery, the trend of having Botox or breasts implants is getting popular by every passing day.