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Queen Latifah Opens Up About Wanting Kids

Queen Latifah Opens Up About Wanting Kids

LOS ANGELES – JAN 11: Queen Latifah, Dana Owens at the FOXTV TCA Winter 2017 All-Star Party at Langham Hotel on January 11, 2017 in Pasadena, CA

The star of the hit FOX Drama “Star” Queen Latifah, 47, told the crowd at the Television Critics Association panels that she wants to be a mom.

Queen Latifah has been busy creating music, acting, producing her own television shows and is enjoying the success of her recent comedy movie “Girls Trip.”

After many years of talking about being a mother and wanting a family, the accomplished star finally told reporters when and how she will start her family. She said that people will know when she is a mom when they see her walking around with her child.

Last year, the rapper turned actress revealed that procrastination is what was standing in her way of becoming a mom. She went on to say in that interview that she had to cope with some things and that she had to get partying out of her system before she could become a mom.

Latifah also said that she was in a good place now and that she felt she is ready for motherhood. In 2012, Queen Latifah made an appearance on “The View” and revealed to Barbara Walters that she was thinking about adopting a child.

She also shared with Walters that she always wanted a child and said that in a year she would be ready to be a mom.

From what the versatile star is saying now, it seems like she is finally ready to make her dream of motherhood come true. Only time will tell when Queen Latifah will make the final decision on becoming a mother and when she will announce that decision to the world.

In the meantime, fans can catch her in her hit and hilarious movie “Girls Trip” that also stars Jada Pinkett. Fans can also catch Latifah on her hit FOX series “Star” that is set to return for a second season this fall.