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Mildred Patricia Baena And Young Lover Schwarzenegger

Mildred Patricia Baena is the home of Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as the Hollywood actor’s lover which also had an illegitimate son, after Tiger Woods another scandal threatens to shake the world of American gossip.

Schwarzenegger like Tiger Woods? According to the latest rumors would seem so, yes. The Arnold skeletons have gone the way of Terminator and tick here the name of the first lover with whom the former governor of California had an illegitimate child.

We are obviously talking about Mildred Baena. The now 50 year-old woman worked at the Hollywood actor’s home for about 20 years, during which the two lovebirds have woven a fiery love affair. Her duties do not concern only the sexual appetites of Schwarzenegger, Mildred fact also had to take care of the cleaning, the laundry, the kitchen for 840 Euros week.


The two would begin to know each other in a more appronfondita in years 90. The two lovebirds could not keep away from each other, so much so that Baena has made no secret of having had unprotected sex with Arnold just in ‘ house that the actor shared with his family. But the couple has never spent a night together and above all has never been caught in flagrante delicto.

A few decades away, however,  Schwarzenegger separates from wife after having confessed his amorous developments! However, those who preferred to hide the fruit of sin was precisely Mildred. The home has sewn his mouth when he discovered to be pregnant and waited until her son was old before revealing the actor who had become a father again.

After Schwarzenegger discovery has proven to be a very generous man. Patty, this is the name by which it is now known lover, is retired and lives in a thing with four bedrooms and a swimming pool outside along with the actor’s illegitimate son of Terminator and three little children he had with other men. For the moment it is still unknown the identity of Mildred’s son, but the TMZ portal reveals that the similarity with Schwarzenegger is really impressive especially for what concerns the mouth and teeth.


Obviously we expected more in terms of tastes Hollywood actor. This certainly does not want to doubt that Mildred was a beautiful girl but Baena looks different from the image of the woman capable of dropping at his feet the former governor of California.

Photos of porn star Devon James show us in fact a typical example of a femme fatale. The hard actress was in fact able to attract the attention of Tiger Woods and, eventually, also had an illegitimate son by the golf champion. Mildred will certainly have other qualities that, at present, there are still unknown.