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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyuna Plastic Surgery: The New Body, Eyes And Nose

Have you heard of Kim Hyuna plastic surgery? Most recently she has been making headlines due to undergoing and completely changing of her appearance.

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The Denial Of Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyuna is a K-pop singer, dancer, songwriter and model. She grows to fame as part of K-pop groups 4Minute and Wonder Girls. She has since gone on to develop a successful solo career.

Most recently she has been making headlines due to undergoing plastic surgery and completely changing her appearance. Hyuna has avidly denied getting plastic surgery, however photographic evidence causes one to question her claims.

But Kim Hyuna Plastic Surgery Obvious

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Despite her denial, Hyuna plastic surgery was obvious. Critics are sure that Hyuna has undergone plastic surgery on her eyes, nose and jawline, and point to contrasting images of her at the beginning of her career and how she appears now.

The Eyelid Surgery

Hyuna’s eyes now seem to be rounder and wider than they used to be. Plastic surgery on the eyes is a common practice in Asian populations, who often desire to have bigger eyes like women of other races.

When Hyuna’s eyes now are compared to images taken a few years ago, it is true that they appear bigger. Critics put this down to her undergoing surgery on the inner and outer corners of her eye, and double eyelid surgery.

The Shape Of The Nose

Her second plastic surgery endeavor can be seen in changes to the shape of her nose. It seems that the singer underwent rhinoplasty to narrow the bridge of her nose that can previously be seen as being wider.

In Korea, it is popular for celebrities to have this kind of surgery in order to achieve what they see as a perfect nose shape, where the nose is symmetrical and button like.

Additionally, the tip of her nose now appears much sharper than it was before, making it obvious that she has had some alterations done. Also see Gigi Hadid nose job plastic surgery.

The Jawline Proved Kim Hyuna Plastic Surgery Was Made

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Her jawline is another area that is claimed to have been altered by plastic surgery procedures. Jawline surgery is another common practice in Asia, as Asian people desire to have more V-shaped jawlines to appear more delicate and less manly.

Where previously, Hyuna had a rounder shaped jaw it now appears thinner and more structured.

Fans’ Thoughts About Kim Hyuna Plastic Surgery

Despite numerous claims over these plastic surgery procedures, Hyuna remains staunch in defending herself against such accusations. Her fans stand by her, and maintain that her drastic change of appearance is simply due to weight loss and a great make up artist.

However, it seems unlikely that such a transformation could happen without her going under the knife.

My Thoughts

In my opinion, Hyuna’s transformation is nothing to make a fuss about. Yes, she looks different but it is still obvious who she is and she’s still insanely gorgeous – as she was before her surgeries (or before her make-up artist developed some insane skills).

I think that it isn’t for others to judge what we do with our bodies. If something like plastic surgery is going to make us feel more confident and comfortable with ourselves then I see no shame in undertaking it.

By saying this, I think that it is important to try and accept ourselves for the way that we look. However, in a case like Hyuna’s, where she is seen by millions of people every day through images and other media forms, it puts a lot of pressure on a person and provides a lot of means for judgement, which can have a huge impact on someone’s self esteem.

Bottom Line

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I think that it is clear that she has undertaken some procedures, but I can understand why she would deny it. The huge stigma around plastic surgery and the media’s reaction to every celebrity who has it predominantly negative.

In some cases, plastic surgery can definitely go wrong, like the numerous examples of celebrities injecting collagen into their lips and ending up as variations of daffy duck.

Hyuna’s surgery still maintains a natural appearance, and if she’s happier and more confident this way then I see no reason for the media to criticize her so harshly.