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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Goldie Hawn plastic surgery Recent Photos Now And Then

If we say that Hollywood is the world of fake, then there is nothing wrong into it. However, you can think better once. There are many celebrities we come across to know to have undergone cosmetic plastic surgery. Do you think I am doing it more exaggerated? It the fact that in 100 stars almost 90% people have undergone the knife. However, everyone knows that Hollywood celebrities come with his or her unnatural and fake appearance. Now, I would like to reveal the Old Goldie Hawn plastic surgery. Do you know how old she is? Moreover, what is the reason behind her youthful looks?


Early life- Before Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery:

Goldie Jeanne Hawn was born on November 21, 1945, in Washington US, who is a famous American actress, producer, and casual singer, who has to rise to fame after her TV show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In in 1968-1970. However, she won the best Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Golden Globe Award for her film in 1969. She married to Gus Trikonis and Bill Hudson but unfortunately were not the successful marriages. However, in 1983 she met to Kurl Russel and fall in love with him. She has three children, two from her ex-husband and one from Kurl Russel. It is important to mention here he has married to her after Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery almost after 30 years.


Goldie Hawn surgery rumors:

The 70- year-old Famous American actress is rumored to have cosmetic plastic surgery. However, it is not wrong if we say that she has done multiple plastic surgeries which include Lip injection, breast implant, liposuction, Botox and fillers for facial surgery. Goldie is a famous American actress of 70’s who played a good role in Wives Club and Private Benjamin (1980-1996). However, her weigh is 112 pounds and height is 5 feet 6 inches. These are the movies which were the reason of our deep love for her. She also acted excellently in The Banger Sisters which was released almost after 14 years. It is a fact that she has undergone many surgeries just to look young and beautiful at the age of 70. It’s similar to Big Ang plastic surgery made her pretty at age 57 on celebrity plastic surgery list.


Fishy Lips-Lip Injection:

 She was spotted first time at the airport with her “Strange lips” and her cosmetic fake looks by Huffingtonpost. It was said that she was caught with her pouting face on airport and fortunately or you can say sadly remained in this expression.


Goldie Hawn plastic surgery is the rumor which was not spoken out by her openly and came on front screen after a certain period.  It is believed that she was famous for her eye catching beauty. Anyway, you can see she has done some Botox that injected with her lips to lift and give them fishy shape. But, no doubt these fillers has given her un-natural look. If you see more attentively, then, you can feel that she has undergone Collagen Injection procedure which is world widely used to enhance and shape the lips, giving fishy pout appearance. However, the question is that, does she need the fillers? Anyhow, her lips are looking still beautiful somehow. However, definitely not admired by fans. In fact, her fans were surprised and shocked why she underwent the knife when there was no need of that all. Goldie Hawn plastic surgery has affected her fan following much as people loved her the way she was but still, they like her.

Breast Augmentation surgery:

Everyone knows that Goldie once was a flat and flush chested actress same as like her daughter Kate Hudson. Oh! If I am not wrong, she had undergone breast implant surgery also in 2010. Likewise, Goldie experienced knife for breast plants, to look more bouncy and attractive. This surgery gave her more solid breast shape, but some people believe that she did not have any breast augmentation, but it is not easy to believe on this as you can see clearly in this picture of her before and after. However, it seems like this implant did a great work on her breast as she is looking more beautiful in a round shape pair of breasts.



It is believe that along with lips fullers, breast augmentation surgery and face cheeks fillers she has passed through liposuction also to look skinny and young at the age of 70. However, it is the procedure in which the fat is removed with surgery if you do not shed away that fat from body with exercise. Furthermore, some people believe that she has not done any liposuction except breast augmentation and lips fullers. Nevertheless, there is no significance difference in her physic and body structure. However, her decision of plastic surgery did not work for her because many fans believe that Goldie Hawn plastic surgery has made her less attractive as she was much beautiful before this. Furthermore, there would not need of cosmetic surgery. She is now 70 years old, but we cannot regret the fact her face lift surgery work well for her in looking youthful and less in age than now.

Love life:

There is one of the loveliest and beautiful couples in Hollywood who last in the relationship for almost heavenly 30 years and finally got married at the age of 64 and 70. However, Goldie and Kurl have their son together, who is a former hockey player. Goldie and Kurl met first with each other on the set of “The one and only Genuine”, the Original family brand. However, it was not more than two decades when they began to date each other during the production of their successful film Swing Shift which a romantic comedy film in 1984.


Fans Thoughts

However, Goldie Hawn plastic surgery was much surprised and shocking news for her fan to except that she has undergone cosmetic plastic surgery as she was attractive and graceful even without it. Moreover, smoking was the reason of her 20-year-old age. However, no one can bound someone’s wishes and needs. Many people dislike her decision related to surgery, but many encouraged this as well by saying:

There is nothing if Goldie has had a little cosmetic surgery, she is still a lovely, and beautiful actress. Moreover, she deserves to do whatever she wants and need.”