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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery before and now pictures

Has Christie Brinkley undergone a plastic surgery? Many people are curious to know the answer. Did fans realize the appearance of her has changed from past? Here we find out the facts about Christie Brinkley plastic surgery.


The Answer To Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Is:

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple: She has undergone plastic surgeries several times. Even everyone can judge that she has undergone plastic surgery by looking at her images.

Christie was a model who got famous in the late seventies for her appearance on the cover of sports Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She spent more than 25 years as a cover girl. She is 60 years old now, so is it possible for a 60 years old women to have a wrinkle free tight face.

One can also notice that her eyelids appearance has changed from the past. Her eyes look fresh. Not every body’s eyes are fresher as she grows old. So the answer is quite simple she has undergone plastic surgery.


And It Was More Than Once

Christie Brinkley is an awarded American artist running the longest cosmetic contract in the history of America. Well, the truth is Christie Brinkley has undergone plastic surgery many times. She got the plastic surgery of Botox, facelift, and eyelid. We will also post the before and now pictures of Christie Brinkley later in this section so tuned to hear more about the Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery.

However, it is usually considered that Christie Brinkley maintained her natural appearance without any aid of plastic surgery. Well how can the eyelids style change with the help of natural remedies and creams.? Although healthy life style is also necessary to maintain the excellent appearance, but sometimes celebrities also sake the help of plastic surgery to maintain their outlook. Following are the more details of Christie Brinkley Plastic surgery.

Christie Brinkley Facelift Plastic Surgery


We all admit that Christie Brinkley is a hot and sexy model, but she is old. She was born on February 2, 1954, which means that she is 60 years old now. Christie Brinkley knows the importance of her physical appearance as a model. She needed her body and face to be in shape to always attract the attention of her viewers. So, Christie Brinkley chose the Facelift plastic surgery. As you can see in image that her face tightens and there aren’t any wrinkles. So, the surgeon was quite successful in making her look perfect.

Christie Brinkley Botox Plastic Surgery

Many actresses and models combined the facelift plastic surgery with Botox plastic surgery. The combined Botox and face lift plastic surgery give them much younger appearance. Same is the case with Christie Brinkley, she chose Botox plastic surgery along with the face lift. She in fact fought her age with the combo. So, you can also see the effect she is much pretty and with wrinkle free face even at the age of 60. In fact she should be thankful to the surgeon for his great work.

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Christie Brinkley Eyelid plastic surgery


Blepharoplasty is also known as eyelid plastic surgery. It is suspected that Christie Brinkley has also undergone eye lid plastic surgery. Eyelid plastic surgery made her looks change eyelids change as you can easily see in the image that her eyes now looks fresher. Obviously, she doesn’t overdo eyelid plastic surgery.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

So, Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery is the combination of the eyelid, Botox and facelift plastic surgery. Christie Brinkley plastic surgery has a excellent effect on her. It is reasonable if Christie Brinkley is considered as the best celebrity as an example of Plastic surgery.

Here is the present look of Christie Brinkley.


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