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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Before and After

At one time or another many celebrates have gotten some form of plastic surgery. They want to stay young and attractive looking. In Hollywood it is important to stay looking good at all times. Just because nature did not help an actor or actress out does not mean they cannot stay looking good. Plastic surgeons are highly trained and skilled to fight back against nature and the signs of again. A good plastic surgeons can have a person looking better than ever. While they are attractive to begin with this work will make them highly desired. These celebrities have gone under the knife and some of their results have turned out better than others. Below is 15 before and after celebrity plastic surgery.

1. Nicki Minaj Lips and Butts

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Nicki Minaj Lips and Butts

This singer had a lot of work done. She looks like a completely different person from when she first appeared on the music scene. Looking at the before and after pictures she had a nose job done and her nose is noticeably slimmer. Nicki is also rumored to have had breast implants. She had a big chest to begin with but now they are popping out. There are many rumors of her backside as well. It is rumored that she had butt implants. She has a slim waist and her butt is huge. It sticks pretty far out which is something that many men desire. There has been no confirmation of the implants. She will not confirm if she had work done to her butt or not. Rather plastic surgeons have stated that she most likely got a Brazilian butt lift. This is where fat was removed from another place in the body and implanted into the buttocks. This will allow another part of the body to become slim while the fat is transferred to a more desirable area.

2. Goldie Hawn Fishy Lips-Lip Injection

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Goldie-Hawn-Fishy-Lips-Lip-Injection

Goldie Hawn has stayed looking great over the years. She was very pretty when she was young and she is still stunning now that she is older. That is mainly due to all of the work that she had done. According to insiders she has been having work done for over 30 years. That is a lot of celebrity plastic surgery. Some of her plastic surgeries including lip injections, breast implants, botox, and fillers. Goldie has been known for her beauty and as she ages she wants to be able to keep up the good looks. All of the fillers and the Botox were designed to keep the wrinkles away and keep her skin looking tight and firm. Many say that Goldie was very attractive without all of this work but it has kept her looking good over the years.

3. Christie Brinkley Facelift

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - christie brinkley face lift

One of the celebrity plastic surgery that helped. Christie Brinkley became famous for appearing as the cover model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was on the covers of magazines for over 25 years. Now that she has reached the age of 60 nature began to take over. Still Christine has a face that is free of wrinkles. She has been said to have Botox as well as a facelift to keep her skin free from wrinkles. While there are many natural ways to stay wrinkle free having a smooth face at the age of 60 is almost impossible. Her plastic surgeon is flawless. She is also said to have work done on her eyelids. Reducing the size of the lids will allow the eyes to look fresh and vibrant once again. She has one of the best surgeons in town because for a lady that is old enough to be a grandmother she is in great shape. There is no way that a woman at the age of 60 can look this good if not for the help of a good doctor.

4. Rose McGowan Eyes Enhancement

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - rose mcgowan eye enhancement

Rose McGowan looks much different now than she did in her younger days. She got the attention of many when she showed up to an award show with a see through dress on. Rose showed some of her best assets at this time. She was in a bad accident and was said to have work done to repair the damage from the accident. It looks like she had some extra things do while she was at it. She did have a nose job to make her nose look slimmer. Rose has admitted to have some laser work done as well to get rid of some scarring on her face and on parts of her body. She has also had a number of fillers on her face but now it is a little more unbalanced. Rose was always pretty but now she has a different look due to the work she had done.

5. Farrah Abraham Lips Injection

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - Farrah Abraham lips injection

This teen mom has a lot of celebrity plastic surgery done. Most famously she had breast implants. She had limp injections as well. Her injections did tend to swell making her lips abnormally large but since they then have decreased in size. Her lips look much better now that they have finally settled. At one point there were too much of a good thing. Farrah Abraham also had a nose job and now her nose looks very nice. Before this she had a hook as well as a bump on the side. According to reports she had butt implants. Her backside used to be as flat as can be and snow she has a little roundness that even out the look of her new breasts. While many criticize her for the work that she had done Farrah is looking much better now than ever before. Some say she had this work done for her new adult career. Like many young people she wanted to look good and was able to change her looks to feel good.

6. Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Celebrity Plastic Surgery ashley tisdale nose job

Ashley Tisdale like so many others has had work done to her nose. According to her family she had her nose job done because she suffered from a deviated septum since she was a child. According to her doctors this was a medical necessity. In addition to fixing her septum she had to have two bumps removed from her nose . Even if it was for a medical purpose her nose is getting plenty of attention. . It fits her face well. Now she is able to breathe better and her nose looks much better.

7. Vivica Fox Breast Implant

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - vivica fox breast implaint

One of the popular celebrity plastic surgery was Vivica Fox breast implant. Looking at Ms. Fox her appearance has changed over the years . She got a lot bigger in some areas and smaller in others. She did have some work done to her nose but not a whole lot. Her nose does not smaller but no drastic changes were made. Vivica Fox is also said to get collagen lip injections often to increase the fullness of her lips. Luckily they turned out well and did not get too big and puffy like with many others that are not as fortunate. Vivica did have breast implants making her chest noticeably larger. She has some large breasts to begin with and the work she had done really brought attention to them. She did have some hollow spaces in her implants but that has been corrected. When choosing a plastic surgeon there is always a risk like this. Like many other ladies in Hollywood Vivica did have some fillers and Botox to keep her face free from wrinkles.

8. Kylie Jenner Lips Lift

Celebrity Plastic Surgery kylie jenner lips-lift

Even though Kylie Jenner is young she has had some work done. Looking at the pictures she posts online it is obvious that she had work done. She had lips augmentation to make her lips bigger and fuller. This is one of the most noticeable changes in her appearance. She also had her breasts and buttocks enlarged. Kylie wanted to get the curves that nature did not give her and in order to do that she decided to contact a doctor. She has to be able to keep up with her famous sisters somehow. Her face has undergone a lot of changes. While she is still very pretty she is a little on the young side to be having all of this work done. Some say she is having all of this work done so she will look more like her sisters. It is hard to keep up with Kourtnet, Khloe, and Kim. Kylie is looking to stand out from her sisters. She wants to look more like them and their famous ends. There are some rumors that her sisters had work done as well. Maybe they are able to get a family discount with their doctors for celebrity plastic surgery.

9. Jodie Sweetin Boob Job

Celebrity Plastic Surgery jodie sweetin boob job

This is one of the most loved child stars from the hit series Full House. Many remember Jodie Sweetin as a sweet little girl. Things have changed over the years including her appearance. Jodie did grow up but she help nature along as well. Jodie did struggle with drugs and most of the work she had done was to clean up her appearance once she got sober. Her face is clean and smooth. There is no sign of the sores that used to be there from drug use. She also had a boob job to boost her confidence. Looking at the pictures her chest is much fuller thanks to the work of her plastic surgeon. Jodie lost many teeth due to drug abuse as well. She had dental implants so she can get her smile back. Not only is she looking good now she is clean and sober. In order to get rid of some of the scars on her body Jodi did have a lot of dermatological laser work performed. This work was able to remove the layer of the skin that was scared to give her a fresh and clean appearance. Looking at her now , no one will be able to tell that she was a drug addict growing up. With new confidence comes a new and improved body. She is clean and she is now very attractive. Jodie boob job was one of the most talked topic of the celebrity plastic surgery.

10. Blake Lively Nose Job

Celebrity Plastic Surgery blake lively nose job

Blake Lively is said to have some work done staring with a nose job. According to recent pictures her nose is thinner and smaller. Over time the entire structure of her nose looks like it has changed. It is said that she had several surgeries including one to reduce the size of the beak of the nose. Like many other ladies she also had some work done to her breast. They are noticeably bigger and it is more than likely she got implants. She will not comment on her breasts but looking at before and after pictures there is a big difference. She also had forehead surgery to make her face appear slimmer. While she was very pretty to begin with these surgeries have helped her become stunning and catch the attention of producers as well as her fans.

11. Rihanna Nose Job

Celebrity Plastic Surgery rihanna nose job

Rihanna has had several procedures but the one that gets the most attention is her nose. Looking at before and after pictures her nose is a different shape. While she does not talk about her nose it is obvious that he nose was made smaller and has a more even shape to it . She was great looking before her nose job and she is still very attractive now that her nose is more symmetrical. There are rumors that she had some Botox injections as well. While she will not comment on this her face looks different from some of her earlier pictures. One of the celebrity plastic surgery that considered went wrong.

12. Wayne Newton Facelift

Celebrity Plastic Surgery wayne newton facelift

Men in Hollywood often get plastic surgery to improve their looks as well. Wayne Newton is a man that is said to have gotten some work done. Mr. Las Vegas has gotten a face lift to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make him look younger. He has also gotten Botox to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. He has gotten his forehead and eyebrows lifted as well. All of his work has been in an effort to stay looking young. Looking at his recent pictures Wayne still does look young. While he is getting up there is age it is hard to tell from his appearance. Also, Wayne facelift was said to be a rumor of the celebrity plastic surgery.

13. Melissa Rivers Cheek Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery melissa rivers cheek

Melissa Rivers is the daughter of the late Joan Rivers. Joan was not shy about the amount of plastic surgery she had gotten. Joan has just about every procedure at one point or another so it is not surprised that her daughter would join in to improve her look. Melissa used to have a nose that was round and wide. There was a lot of fat that built up at the tip. Her nose is no longer like that. It looks new and slimmer. Her nose also looks delicate which was something that could not have been said about her before. Once she reached the age of 40 she started getting Botox injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. She has gotten an eyebrow life in an attempt to keep her brows high and keep the wrinkles from affecting the appearance of her eyes. Melissa did not stop there. She had work done to her cheeks. They used to contain a little bit of fat but she had the fat removed to give her a more mature appearance. It also was done to fit in with her new nose as well as her puffy lips. She also had breast implants to increase the size of her chest. This is just the work that she had admitted to. Melissa may have had more plastic surgery and she plans to have additional work performed in the future when wrinkles begin to become a problem.

14. Dolly Parton Nose Job

Celebrity Plastic Surgery dolly parton nose job

Dolly Parton is rumored to have had some work done as she age. One of the things that she admitted to was breast augmentation. She had very largest breasts. She had them reduce just a little due to back pain. Dolly also had her breasts lifted so they would look firm and perky. She had a nose job to reduce the size and change the shape of her nose as well. Dolly has been pretty open with her fans about her plastic surgery. She has a smooth face at the age of 70 thanks to her face lift. She also had her eyebrows lifted in an effort to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around her eyes. Dolly has Botox to further combat the wrinkles and lip injections. Dolly may be getting old but thanks to the work of good plastic surgeon that she is still looking as good as ever.

15. Selena Gomez breast Implant

Celebrity Plastic Surgery selena gomez breast implaints

One of the most talked about celebrity plastic surgery news. The world watched Selena Gomez grow up on TV and in the past couple of years it looks like she grew up in some other places as well. She had a breast argumentation procedure to make her breast bigger. Even without wearing a bra her breasts are perky and they stand straight up. This is something that natural breasts even younger ones do always do. Looking at the before and after pictures Selena also had some work done to her nose. She needed to change the shape of her nose to make her look more mature. The bottom of her nose is now much thinner. Selena also had lip injections to make her lips look more pouty and more desirable. She was a very pretty girl to begin with and now she is stunning due to the plastic surgery that she had performed.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Bottom Line

These are some of the celebrities that had plastic surgery. These celebrities were good looking before but they decided to take measures to enhance their natural look. Breast augmentation is popular to help these ladies get what nature did not give them. Many of the celebrities are also looking for ways to stay young. They are having face lifts and there is plenty of Botox to keep the wrinkles away. These celebrities had plastic surgery and are looking better than ever.