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Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery: The Princess Leia Organa

We won’t have to use any Jedi mind tricks to answer the Carrie Fisher plastic surgery question. To answer this, we will analyze some of the facial difference she had before and after her transformation.

carrie fisher plastic surgery facelift neck lift and eyelid 1

Who’s Carrie Fisher?

Carrie Fisher is perhaps best well known for her starring role as Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars franchise. Her last role before her tragic passing role had her reprising the iconic character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Did you notice how youthful the female general looked? She was both beautiful inside and out. But did her youthful look be from movie magic, or maybe Luke used some of The Force to hide her from the Empire?

Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery May Include a Facelift, Neck Lift, and Eyelid Surgery

carrie fisher plastic surgery facelift neck lift and eyelid

Dr. Michael Salzhauer of believes Carrie may have had a facelift, neck lift and eyelid surgery.

Dr. Paul Nassif also added his opinion that she possibly had botox and fillers injections. We can take the medical opinions of these two doctors, and compare older pictures of her to any changes we might see now.

Proof of a facelift and neck lift are evident when you notice how tight those areas are compared to the loser skin she had before. It is normal for a 60 year old to have some sagging skin. Only two explanations make sense for the tight skin: she had these common procedures to rejuvenate her skin, or Yoda lifted more than just the X-Wing.

The Forehead and Eye Wrinkles

carrie fisher plastic surgery facelift neck lift and eyelid

Another difference is her pulled eyes, which make her look fresher and more alert. She did have some sagging skin around her eyes before her miraculous 180 pound weight loss. Her new look, according to, is due to eyelid surgery.

It is normal for an aging person’s eyes to sag a little, so an eye pull is the best explanation for her more youthful appearance. Her forehead is lacking wrinkles as well. Fillers would be the perfect solution to achieving a smooth and youthful forehead. Fillers also explain her more plump lips. Nothing was overly done or exaggerated, and looks natural. Can we thank R2D2 for hacking the doctor’s equipment?

What Fans Said About Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery?

Fans Give Their Opinion on her New Look Fans remember Carrie Fisher fondly as the tenacious Princess that radiated confidence. Many were saddened by her sudden passing. When they are asked about her plastic surgery transformation before her death, many people have mixed reactions to it.

carrie fisher plastic surgery facelift neck lift and eyelid

Sue Bell of says that Fisher’s skin was flawless. Other fans on the site say that she looked nice, and take notice of her new lips. Others say her upper lip looked like it couldn’t move. Maybe some of her critics may have felt that Emperor Palpatine had a more natural look, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Making Carrie Fisher a Real Disney Princess Whether fans agree or disagree with the benefits of her procedures. There is no disagreement that Carrie Fisher was iconic as Princess Leia. Many Carrie fans want to make her an official Disney Princess, according to

They feel that it would be a great way to welcome the Star Wars franchise into the Disney family. They feel that her character is a great way to allow girls to identify with strong female characters. Making her animated counterpart marketable would require that the cartoon version be flawless. It could represent the best of Fisher’s original appearance in a tasteful way.

My Opinion About Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery

carrie fisher plastic surgery facelift neck lift and eyelid

My Opinion on Carrie Fisher’s Surgery My personal opinion about Carrie Fisher’s appearance before and after her surgery was she was always an attractive woman. She had an approachable appearance. Her appearance before her procedure was natural for someone who had aged the way she did, and her weight gain may have added to her stretched skin. I feel it was a necessary for her to get some work done to reprise her role. But the results were great as it tightened her skin. It gave her a more alert look.

Carrie Fisher will always be remembered for her character of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. Not even a renegade TIE Fighter would be able to remove her place in Sci Fi history. It is a known fact that many celebrities get work done to stay relevant. Generally, I feel that the transformation was a fantastic improvement to an already beautiful woman.

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